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Code for generating Higher-order Network (HON) from data with higher-order dependencies. Also included: testing input/output data sets, code for computing PageRank on HON, and so on.

HON+: a fundamentally improved HON construction algorithm

  • Parameter-free
  • Supports arbitrarily high orders of dependencies
  • Highly efficient in time and space
  • Python packages
  • Code available on GitHub

[Available Soon]:

HoNVis: a visualization toolkit for interactive exploration of higher-order networks.

  • Import heterogeneous data
  • Quickly identify interactive patterns of interest
  • Explore at different granularities
  • Trace propagation pathways and see how they expand the subgraph of ports invaded by certain species
  • Test targeted species control strategies for given ports / shipping routes
  • Drill down to the raw data to understand the formation and evolution of higher-order dependencies
  • And more